Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome Home (I have two homes...)

Notice the title here: Welcome Home.  Here is the thing, this summer I have two homes.  Not to be confused with the home I have in the fall and spring months when I reside with Andrew Benjamin Ross Helder and Seth Austin Grossman; but I have a new home this summer: Room 327 at the StayBridge Suites in Great Falls.  Now many have you have seen my posts on Facebook and previous blogs that regard the "Bridge" and some of the problems I have had here.  I will not continue to rant about these problems (although they have yet to stop--although the flood did stop in my room) so I will move on.  But again, Welcome Home--back to the Lake, or back to the Bridge?

I did spend some time back at the Lake this past Independence Day weekend, where I was surrounded by many family and friends.  To name a few:

-Uncle P
-Mrs. Patyk
-Robert A.
-Ms. Swings
-My dear Uncle Earl
-Loud Mouth Mike
-Dog Balls
-Midnight Dame Hannah (Points for anyone who can name this one...)
-Heavy D (although lack there of now...)
-Ms. Annie ~ future homecoming queen of MSU (first time meeting there)
and lots of other people, I have missed some

But welcome home.  That was a very nice welcoming home to the Lake for the weekend, along with the great times that were to follow.  I will say, there were some very good times that were had, along with maybe a few souls broken (i.e. Grossman).  Upon returning to Great Falls after departing Lakeside at 4:15 am July the 5th (long day) I was welcomed home by our class Asian (D-Kwan) and the rest of the rowdy crew. 

Plans for the rest of the week:

--Test Searles on his ability to see through my sweet-talking (he will...)
--Attend a Great Falls Voyager's game and participate in the $25 ticket section...
--See what the deal is with Ulm and the concept of fishtailing...(Stacey, you come in here...)
--Swim the Missouri River?
--Post up at the Country Club for a few hours and see what that know what I'm talking about D-Kwan and Lance Armstrong...
--Uncover the mystery of the occupation of the Bridge guest who "everyone seems to love, minus the interns of DA"...this really is bothering me.

Until then, ya'll have a good week and weekend.  I'll keep posting up here at the Bridge and the Falls of Great.  Don't you worry, I'll be just fine. 

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