Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Latest Happenings

So it has been a little while since I put a little blog update up--so I figured I better inform y'all of the latest in this wonderful summer we call Great Falls Livin'

What better way to do it than put together a poem of sorts that describes the last few weeks.  Please, do enjoy.

First there was the Lake for a few days,
Which ended with me being a bit dazed

The lake was cold,
Or so I was told,
While I always look bold

The fairways were green,
And the morning hot tub was filled with steam

I ran into some friends,
That went with the trend,
And did I mention golf was exceptional at Eagle Bend?

The boats were fast,
Never looking into the past

The raft up included 17 boats,
Everyone brought their totes,
But there was no need for coats

A long night was spent driving to the Falls,
Where upon arriving I was soon to study options and calls

The week was spent reading the books,
Getting strange looks,
And accusing the IRS of being crooks

At the end of the week,
I was headed to North Dakota to begin a long streak

The highline was long,
I filled Andrew a Kong,
And soon we would sing a wedding song

The oil of Williston was crude,
However the people were really not that rude (some exceptions)

The Airport International Inn was filled to the max,
I did not appreciate the sales tax,
And Andrew would soon try and find a fax

The wedding was hot,
And I did not take a trot

Being the best man was a big job,
However I did not look like a slob,
And the reception would soon be a mob

The drive back to MT was quick,
Mainly to get out of the oil slick

The time in ND was filled with remembering old times,
Spending a few dimes,
And looking for that lost Carona lime

Great Falls has been very warm,
Along with evening thunder storms

The Staybridge Suites will never get old,
Or so I am told,
However it is unlike the Airport International Inn which was filled with mold

This one goes out to another weekend at the Lake,
Where I am sure I will eat at least one steak

More interesting times are soon to be had in the Great,
It does seem to be a trait,
Along with my ever-so-classy intern-mates

My best to you as we enter the 3rd weekend of July!

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