Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Early Retirement Hits

Hey Ya'll!!

Well, we are starting day 3 of retirement....I have to admit it, I'm really enjoying it.  I sat in the hot tub listening to Kenny Chesney for a half an hour this morning, drinking coffee and watching the lake rise.  We're getting there!

After chatting with Dr. Weese while I was crushing the Book this morning, he suggested I start a blog to out-due Sethoughts, which I would say has completely fallen off the edge since he started it.  What can you say, he started strong, then he fell off the face of the earth.  He is just too "European" for us out there...We'll have to have an intervention when he comes back to the States.  His blogging reminds me of the serving staff at the Indianapolis Olive Garden--man did the start out strong (mainly due to some help and support by others) but then they sure took a hit.  Sethoughts now reminds me of the Olive Garden in Sacramento CA...not good!

I'll keep you all in line with what I am doing these next few days as I continue to live life in early retirement.  I'm off to ride a bike down the road with a cup of coffee now!

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